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After years of managing and personally designing for dozens of musicians and bands we decided to set up an array that will fully support the artists.

With the full understanding that the current era lives and breathes the artist on every platform and in a direct and less formal approach, we sat and thought about what it actually takes to surround the artist from all possible angles.

Starting with the initial branding and frontal differentiation, building a business plan with reference to building a release schedule with reference to content relevant to any social network or media platform

We know the term "thinking outside the box" so we decided to borrow artists who do not believe there is a "box" at all

We have built a unique content management system (and you can ask us what it is in the first meeting which is also at no cost)

We believe that speaking properly with audiences according to the level of familiarity is a mandatory scenario in the modern age

Call us crazy but it all comes with 24/7 support regardless of office opening times and no extra monthly support

We want to give you service and results in a crazy way together. We promise you creative thinking and a unique look no matter what your genre, your vibe or the image you have been building for years

Proper content and audience management is relevant and necessary for any artist no matter what stage you are in your career


Feel free to contact us and we will arrange a call or an online meeting ;)

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