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Building a business plan for our common path.

You read that right friends - business plan. 

We have developed a unique method and track for musicians through which you can apply business processes with your work and reach serious profits and real business management while working hard.

A strategy built out of knowing the customer and his target audience can lead to a well-oiled machine that constantly sweeps an audience and converts a new audience.

Together we will build a list of goals and break them down into the most detailed and practical schedule of near and far destinations

And we will of course make sure that things are done on time, in management, and with the right visibility



Creativity is a critical step in making content accessible to the general public.

Together we built an advertising system of content that will attract new followers to the variety of platforms in a creative and correct way
To the level of familiarity of audiences to your project.

In the creative phase, we will understand who the target audience is and what will cause them the right stimulus to be exposed to your music or a variety of activities on social networks from your page.

נהול מערך קידום


After we've built the right infrastructure and created the right creative plan for your many pages, it's time to set up a set of funding campaigns that will push your creative and artistic content out to the general public.

Together we will match audiences and budgets at the highest level using a variety of options and powerful push engines

Such as YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok.

There we will find the most cost-effective way to attract an audience with a method unique to us

During a daily optimization process and smart audience retention that will serve us for the next campaigns and to reduce future expenses.

מיתוג ועיצוב


In a personal meeting, we will decide together on the way the artist looks.

From logos and visibility on the social network to precision, a unique concept for each specific person.

Today the artist appears several times a month/week but the rest of the time he is 24/7 on a variety of social networks, so we see the importance of visibility and branding of the artist on the real "stage" that surrounds him and this is the network.

No matter what genre you come from, your branding with the right design is one of the important things in your project.

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